Oinosporos: The Origin

Oinos [iːnə] =Wine in ancient Greek + Sporos [spòːrə] = seed

The name is based from the driving force of our project, which is grape seed.

  • The seed is the core element of a plant including crucial and basic data for its reproduction when planted.
  • It is the initial element from which something is created or born
  • It symbolizes the genesis, new beginnings and hope

Oinosporos: The Idea

The idea came up in the context of a postgraduate thesis of Evangelia Sotiropoulou at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens researching the production of grape seed oil from Greek grape varieties.

The main purpose of the project was to explore the properties of grape seed oil as a winemaking by-product and how its ingredients could be used in the beauty products such as soaps. It took about two year of experiments in order to develop a final form of each product.

The result was a complete product line of body and hair beauty products.

Oinosporos: The Philosophy

Handmade natural products made from grape seed oil

  • A holistic model of inner and external beauty
  • Use/Exploitation of wine by-products contributing to winery sustainability
  • Constant research and development of products with new (drastic) ingredients
  • Dedication to raise environmental awareness

Oinosporos: The Cause

The production of natural beauty products based on the use of winery by-products, grape seed and grape seed oil, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Grape Seed Oil Benefits

Strong antioxidant properties due to the high concentration of polyphenols, significantly reducing the levels of free radicals.

  • Skin moisturizer
  • Providing skin firmness
  • Fighting Acne
  • Skin protection against UVA
  • Hair therapeutic ( keeps them nourished, shiny, soft and healthy)