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  • For conditioning Νatural beard oil keeps your beard conditioned and shiny. Produced to be very lightweight,  it is fast absorbing and helps to soften, hydrate, and condition your beard while minimizing or eliminating dandruff. 
  • Containing a blend of natural oils that prevent moisture loss, preserving the skin hydrated with a dewy look. It contains collagen and elastin proteins that keep the skin smooth and healthy, combined with hyaluronic acid that makes the skin firm. It regenerates the skin cells and reduces dark spots and signs of aging.
  • A lightweight serum designed for use on the entire eye area , including eyelids and face. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, while  reducing the look of wrinkles, fine lines dark circles and puffiness.
  • Moisturizing and regenerating elixir for daily facial care, with powerful antioxidant properties that slow down skin aging, restore dull skin and act as a balm for dry and hydrated skin.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing exfoliating cream with kernel powder and mineral zeolite. It acts as a powerful antioxidant while at the same time creates a sense of well-being and euphoria mainly due to the elimination of toxins. The unique composition of the product removes dead skin cells, corrects discoloration and acne scars, giving a youthful appearance and stimulating the micro circulation of the skin without irritating.
  • Black soap for deep cleansing with activated carbon and dead sea mud enriched with essential oils with powerful antioxidant action ideal for oily and dull skin. Activated carbon helps eliminate wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing and nourishing dry and tired skin. It effectively treats allergies and redness of the skin and is a soap suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Cleansing milk that removes dirt and make-up from the face and the eyes while it hydrates the skin leaving it soft and rejuvenated. It nourishes the skin with vitamins and lipids. Suitable for all skin types.  
  • Silky moisturizing facial cream for youthful normal and dry skin. The combination of grape seed oil and other oils nourish the skin and provide all the essential elements it needs. It can also be worn before makeup as a base.
  • Natural wax cream with healing and regenerative action based on grape seed oil. A simple application is enough to heal skin irritations, burns, bruises, chapped lips and hands.
  • Lip Balm

    Nourishing lip balm with natural oils and natural beeswax. Soft in texture it hydrates dry and chapped lips.
  • Lipstick

    Nourishing lip balm with natural oils and natural beeswax. Soft in texture it hydrates dry and chapped lips.
  • Fragrance free Ideal for the daily care of the hair, face or body  Moisturizer & deep cleansing Soap Bar. Its formulation allows the elimination of impurities, removes dead skin cells and has a deep cleansing effect. It has unique moisturizing and rejuvenation features, leaving the skin clean and healthy.


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