A quick-absorbing, cream formula that helps reduce the look of cellulite, visibly lifting and firming hips and thighs.

It targets the appearance of cellulite, visibly lifting, firming, and smoothing hips and thighs for a more streamlined silhouette. It is instantly absorbed to soothe and smooth the skin’s surface.

Caffeine in high concentrations helps to minimize cellulite and make the skin firmer and more beautiful. It contains natural oils that intensively hydrate the skin.

Usage: Apply the product every night before bed on clean and dry skin for at least 7 nights, in the areas to be treated (eg thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen). Massage vigorously until completely absorbed.

To maximize results, it is recommended to continue the treatment for 4 weeks.

Use the cream on the areas you want to lose weight.